"Thanks again for your wonderful care throughout my pregnancy, birth, and post-partum!   Your support couldn't have been more personal, calming, and thorough; and I'll forever be grateful that I didn't have to visit a hospital or doctor's office even once during my whole experience." - Katie


"Shauna was with me and my husband for the birth of our first child in August of 2007. I went in to labor very quickly with little notice. I was extremely sensitive to light, touch and noise during the labor process. Shauna with her quiet strength and gentle demeanor was the perfect midwife and birthing companion for me. She let me feel in control of my environment and trusted me to do what felt natural. I knew I could count on her if I needed help or assistance. I feel extremely fortunate to have had a midwife who helped me maintain a sacred space where I could gather strength and encouragement from her confidence and competent skills as a trained midwife. After I delivered my daughter and the placenta I began bleeding very heavily. The hemorrhaging required that I was pulled out of the tub quickly and given immediate attention. I did not feel scared or panicked and the bleeding was quickly stopped. I credit Shauna's confident and collected demeanor for keeping me calm and relaxed in what could have been a frightening situation.  Before, during and after the birth I felt well cared for. Shauna is an excellent listener, has a wonderful sense of humor and demonstrates great compassion.  I highly recommend Shauna to anyone considering a home birth." In joy - Jenelle & Zoltan


"Shauna is a wonderful midwife, extremely flexible, and available for whatever vision of your birth experience you have.  Fully present with all of the expertise needed to fully assist, yet sensitive to requests for space and privacy.  She is hands on when you need her and hands off when you don't.  I initially wanted an unassisted birth but my partner felt more comfortable with a midwife present.  Shauna was able to accommodate our needs for both a midwife and the self-sufficient journey of birthing independently!  I could not more highly recommend a midwife who is up to the job." - Aurelia

Shauna was an integral part of the birthing team and helped to get me through some of the most difficult moments during labor. I don't know what I would have done without her expert hands, sense of humor and intuition. I hope that many other mamas get to experience her caring, compassionate way. I could relax knowing that she is knowledgeable and competent. We did as a team what few do anymore, which is to let a baby be born breech. She allowed my husband to take much needed breaks and counseled him on ways to help relieve my discomfort. We are eternally grateful." - Milana, Andrew & Anais