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My Current Community Offerings

Homebirth Midwifery

Coming Soon! Upon completion of my training and licensure, I will begin offering traditional midwifery care to mothers in the South Carolina Midlands. 

Postpartum Visits

Daytime care for the postpartum period. Whether it is help with household chores, with baby care and breastfeeding, or with nourishing meal preparation, postpartum visits were created to serve this unique and special time.

Birth Doula

Complete educational, emotional, and physical support throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Limiting my personal clients to just two spots per month allows me to provide the best care possible.

Placenta Services

Placenta encapsulation is believed to provide various benefits such as increased energy, improved mood, and increased milk production for breastfeeding mothers. Placenta tallow salves and watercolor art prints are available as well. 

Alternative Advice

I often get Facebook and Instagram DMs asking questions about women's health issues, birth, parenting, and mentorship opportunities. To book your alternative advice call, follow this service link. 

Birth Photos

For the parents who don't want to forget a single moment of their birthing experience, birth photography captures the moments you would otherwise miss out on while you are in labor land. Birth photography clients are included in the limited *two* spots per month.

Lactation Course

Breastfeeding 101 is offered in both a group session and in personalized home sessions. My class focuses on what to expect from the physiologic "normal" experience and what to do when things go differently.

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