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Nurtured Roots Childbirth and Parenting Series


Deep Dive

into Childbirth Education

Nurtured Roots' holistic childbirth education classes are designed to provide expectant parents with comprehensive knowledge and skills to support a positive birth experience. This six hour course is packed with information to prepare you for one of the most life changing experiences in your adult life. We will cover what you should expect from labor and birth, labor options, birth options, and postpartum options. With a focus on mind-body connection and evidence-based practices, our classes empower you to make informed decisions and feel confident throughout your childbirth journey.

You’ll learn how to cope with the changing emotions that accompany this life altering experience. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a personal shift preparing you to walk into the unknown while staying connected to your inner resources and resilience. You’ll learn to keep going even when you aren’t sure what to do. You will cross the threshold into parenthood feeling more connected to your baby and your birth experience. If a partner is a part of your birth, they will feel more prepared and connected as well.

A Bit About the Course

The Deep Dive into Childbirth Education is designed as a part of a series of courses. Deep Dive will run once a quarter to allow folks with due dates throughout the year to have access to the information. Shorter (equally important) topics will be covered during the months in between. Nurtured Roots is partnering with local doula-photographer-filmmaker Sadie Whitehead and local herbalist-doula Kala Grant  to bring this series to you along with other experts in our community. The 2024 dates for the Deep Dive course are:

February 3, April 14, July 27, & October 26

Included in your Deep Dive Experience:

  • Six hours jam packed with holistic, physiologic childbirth information

  • Take home packet filled with guides, birth plan template, fear processing activities, meditations, and more!

  • Access to the online version of this course

  • A cozy, comfortable setting to learn in

  • Connections with like-minded families and community birth workers

  • A catered, nourishing lunch provided at the cabin

  • Pregnancy specific, herbal tea times throughout the day

  • Nourishing snacks provided

  • Handmade gift baskets for each participant

Hosted in the coziest lake cabin

** The Nurtured Roots Childbirth Series is being held just outside of Lexington in this cozy Lake Murray cabin. Plan to come and get comfortable, as we discuss all things birth & parenthood. **

Deep Dive Energy Exchange

Blessing Tier                     $425

Baseline Tier                    $350

Client Tier                         $275

For families that feel led to help support others in their parenting journey, the Blessings Tier helps to provide scholarship funds for local families who may need it. Choose this option at checkout to bless a family in need. 

The Baseline Tier gets you in the door,  six hours of jam packed information and communion with likeminded women, lunch and tea time covered and a take home booklet provided with tons of informational handouts from the day. 

The Client Tier includes all things in the Baseline Tier at a discounted rate for families that are already doula or birth photography clients of Nurtured Roots and our partners. 

Rotating Classes

My goal is to bring mothers together at least once a month throughout their pregnancy journey, both for learning opportunities and building community. During the last 12 years of working with mothers and their children, I have learned the importance of our social networks. Humans are one of the most social creatures on the planet. We need connections, especially when we are walking into a new phase of life, like motherhood. The Nurtured Roots' Childbirth and Parenting  series was designed with this in mind. Being limited to just five spots allows this to remain an intimate and cozy group that can connect on a deep level. 

Schedule of Upcoming Courses

Monday, March 4, 2024 6m-8pm

Breastfeeding 101

Guided by: Kaylin Smith

$150 Baseline

Included in Nurtured Roots Doula Packages

Breastfeeding is at the heart of holistic parenting. It helps to build those initial bonds between mother and child, but just because it is natural, does not mean it is always easy. Breastfeeding 101 is all about preparing you to recognize what is normal and what is not and learning to trust your body all over again. 

Monday, May TBD, 2024 6pm-8pm

Baby Care Basics
Guided by: Kaylin Smith

Guest Teacher: Brittany with Babywearing in Columbia, SC
$150 Baseline

$100 for Nurtured Roots Mamas

In May we delve into the world of baby care. We cover creating a postpartum plan, Dunstan Baby language , soothing your baby, common concerns, bodywork for babies, how to change a diaper (with demonstrations and practice opportunities), how to bathe your baby (with demonstrations and opportunities to practice), and baby wearing 101 with Brittany from Babywearing in Columbia, SC. 

Monday, June TBD, 2024 6pm-8pm

Infant Sleep Guidance and Birth Art
Guided by: Kaylin Smith & Sadie Whitehead

$150 Baseline

$100 for Nurtured Roots Mamas

In June we go over physiologic infant sleep guidance and how to get through those long newborn nights. Sadie guides us through the process of creating birth art to help work through any concerns you may have surrounding birth, help create awareness and understanding of previous birth experiences, and to help you understand how do you see yourself as pregnant woman, what your fantasy labor and birth would look like, and to help you create an image that will help your body relax, open, and bring your baby into the world.

Monday, August TBD, 2024 6pm-8pm

Herbal Solutions for Mothering
Guided by: Kala Grant & Kaylin Smith

$150 Baseline

$100 for Nurtured Roots Mamas

In August Kala will guide us through how to create and use herbal solutions in motherhood. Recipes and information will be shared and we will even create a few blends to take home. We will go over pregnancy teas, postpartum healing– sitz baths, padsicles, herbs for baby, breastfeeding herbs, and essential oil safety.

Monday, Sept TBD, 2024 6pm-8pm

Full body Postpartum Recovery
Guided by: Kaylin Smith & Guest Speakers

$150 Baseline

$100 for Nurtured Roots Mamas

This month we discuss nourishing your whole body deeply in the postpartum period. We will chat about nutrition and why you should be eating for replenishment of lost vitamins and minerals instead of weight loss. We will review the importance of rest for healing. Various binding techniques will be discussed and demonstrated along with the significance of these practices. Cesarean specific healing and scar tissue massage will also be discussed. 

**Guest speaker will be announced closer to date.

Monday, Nov. TBD, 2024 6pm-8pm

Newborn and Early Childhood Development
Guided by: Kaylin Smith

$150 Baseline
$100 for Nurtured Roots Mamas

I originally began my work with parents and their children over a decade ago with an interest in early childhood care. After nannying for several years, I decided to get my degree in The Science of Early Childhood Development, Care, and Education. In this class we discuss what you can expect from those early newborn days up until age seven when your child will enter into the next phase of life, middle childhood. We will talk about physiologic parenting responses to help you meet this phase of life with understanding and emotional regulation. 

Monday, Dec. TBD 2024 6pm-8pm

Prenatal Yoga and Sound bath
Guides TBA
$150 Baseline
$100 for Nurtured Roots Mamas

We will tie up the year with a deep stretch, meditation, and healing sound bath. This class will close out the year and the 2024 Nurtured Roots Childbirth Series and leave you feeling peaceful and ready for whatever the new year throws at you. Guides will be announced closer to date. 

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