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Nurtured Roots

Kaylin Smith, Birth and Early Childhood Companion

About Me

I remember being 5 years old and begging to be allowed to babysit. In middle school, I read all the "How to babysit" books I could find in the school library. My senior year in high school I spent many of my afternoons as a mother's helper. That fascination with caring for babies bled into a desire to care for others as I got older. In high school I earned my Certified Nursing Assistant License and moved on to working in geriatric rehabilitation and private home health. From there I earned my degree in Early Care and Education while I nannied for families all around the midlands. It wasn't much longer before the birth bug bit me. I have been working as a birth doula and photographer since 2016, serving the South Carolina midlands through hospital, birth center, and home births. Homebirth stole my heart and I am now in pursuit of becoming a Certified Professional Midwife.


As the founder of Nurtured Roots, I am passionate about helping mothers connect with their maternal wisdom and promote a healthy and natural lifestyle for themselves and their families. My approach to mother care is centered around holistic health, and I believe in the power of plant medicine and other natural remedies to support maternal health. Through attachment parenting and family-centered care, I aim to provide mothers in South Carolina with the knowledge, resources, and care they need to raise healthy, happy families. Contact me today to learn more about my services! I believe that to heal the world, first we have to heal our births. Whether it is for a quick call for guidance, or the full package, I look forward to serving you soon. 


Motherhood Blog


Home Visits

Specifically for the postpartum mama, these visits aim to give you the foundational support that you need to heal before jumping back into life!

Lactation Education

This foundational course is perfect for the new or seasoned mother. Every baby is different and so is every breastfeeding journey. 

Birth Doula

With your Nurtured Roots doula, you can expect up-to-date education on traditional, physiological birth and unwavering emotional and physical support during labor.



"Kaylin was such an amazing doula to work with!  She is extremely knowledgeable with the entire birthing process and quick to respond to any questions or concerns my husband and I had."
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